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Favorite links

Poultry Wikipedia - Ultimatefowl Wikipedia, a great source of information with the histories of just about every breed you can think of. Along with poultry diseases, fowl care, color charts, and pretty much everything you will need to know about poultry.

Mississippi Poultry Show Club - The state club of Mississippi, dedicated to promoting purebred backyard poultry and connecting breeders across the state.

Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities - A club dedicated to preserving old and rare breeds of poultry.

Chicken Breeders List -  A website dedicated to promoting poultry based websites free of charge.

Spencers Family Farm - A small backyard farm located in MS, breeding Royal Palm Turkeys, Golden laced Brahma, Dark Brahma, Lemon Cuckoo, Orpingtons, Silver Duckwing OEGB, and Showgirl Silkies. - Poultry Encyclopedia which has a vast source of information regarding numerous breeds of various types of poultry. 

American Poultry Association